From Chaos to Clarity: Enabling Proactive Support with Cognitive Technology


From Chaos to Clarity: Enabling Proactive Support with Cognitive Technology

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The odds were stacked against the Avengers. If you or your family is a MCU fan you know that Doctor Strange’s plan hinges on a specific combination of heroes surviving both the snap and eventually coming back to beat Thanos. After all, he had travelled to see all the possible combinations himself.

Despite the promises of Hollywood, we humans can’t time travel and sneak into the future. But what if your support teams could? It is well established that proactive and preventive customer service can help you reduce inbound calls by 20%-30%, yet according to the 2019 TSIA Support Services Tech Stack Survey only 24% of support teams have a proactive support or intelligent diagnostics solution in place.

The question then is: what’s stopping support teams to break away from the inefficient gold standard of reactive support? The challenge triage includes the inherent variability of the customer support function, limited insights to uncover customer support journeys and the struggle of navigating through a siloed technology adoption process.

Hear Vishal Sharma, CTO, SearchUnify as he discusses how a unified cognitive platform, fueled by powerful machine learning and an insights engine at the core, works as the magical spell your agents need to put themselves one step ahead of their customers when support issues do arise.

Key Takeaways from the Session:

Understanding the Evolution of Customer Support from Reactive to Proactive Models
Role of a Unified Cognitive Platform in Powering Synchronous Real-Time Customer Support
The Secret to Seamless Integration of a Cognitive Platform on top of your existing Support Stack

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